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Build Intelligent workforce to serve your business with our exquisite services

Let's Grow Mutually.


We assist you to access thoroughly screened and equipped candidates to accomplish your business goal.


Candidates who are hired on fixed-term contract provide the desired result in an assignment within a stipulated time.


Our software consulting service renders outcome-oriented professional advices to businesses for all modern technologies.

About Us

About Us
Intelliserve is a pioneer in delivering advanced end-to-end staffing solutions. Over the last 6 years, we have set the benchmarks for performance, excellence, and reliability. Our profoundly motivated and energetic fresh team continually establishes high-performance standards, resulting in sustaining customer satisfaction.

We constantly keep pace with modern technological advances and deliver them. We aim at being perceived as the expert in the industry, delivering the most up-to-date, customized, reliable and cost-effective solutions and services with our vision

  • To furnish Specialized recruitment services with high offer acceptance rates.
  • To build a Strong pipeline of the right talent.

Applying a unique and active recruiting approach using sophisticated and finely tuned requirements, We continuously innovate in staffing solutions and consulting services by deploying futuristic technologies to support clients to reach their business goals with our mission

  • To make an organization excel in its line of business by continually influencing new Clients, improve operations efficiency and deliver desired results to Clients.

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Staffing Solution

Business today is brutally competing, so start looking for business opportunities and steadily strategize to deliver on time when the market demands your products or services. Use Intelliserve’s proven staffing solutions to suffice your staffing demands. From hiring to equip and  deploy staff whenever and wherever you require, we have proven solutions to meet your needs. We can alleviate your risks with permanent or contractual staffing solutions. We help you enhance your management bandwidth on your core pursuits, facilitating your growth and profitability.

Our Values

We have expertized outreach all over the country, which facilitates our access to a tremendous list of potential candidates. Our expertise allows us to screen the exemplary profiles and besides pick the best among them.


  • Customized services are tailor-made to suit your organization.
  • Flexible to staffing demands that are a niche in your field of business.
  • Companies gain the adaptability to deliver readily obtainable skilled sources and moderates the risk of skill and cultural mismatches.


  • We intend to contribute quality experienced staffs, as well as those who possess unique skills. By utilizing our sophisticated and finely tuned requirement-to-resource meeting procedure, we render our clients with professionals who suit their demands in the most cost-effective mode.
  • We have intensified a vision of Service Excellence with our clients to deliver service with both absolute swiftness and quality.
Trusted Support

  • Our active team members are ambitious, responsible, reliable and ready to grow out of their comfort zone to succeed obstructions and accomplish their goals.
  • We trust each other to do what’s desirable for our clients and candidates, by upholding the integrity with a great level of ethics.

Unique Approach

  • Our unparalleled staffing methodology places us unique as a leading staffing expert, assuring accomplishment for both employers and candidates.
  • We meet an organization’s permanent and contractual staffing obligations with skilled experts, serving as a bond that guides both employer and candidate to find each other.

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